White Flint Recovery, Inc. works closely with multiple non-profit recovery organizations. Our staff strongly encourages healthy social relationships with Alcoholics Anonymous, Alanon, as well as Alateen. Ultimately, the recovery process starts with the individual, and we recognize the need to surround each recovering person with a positive influence of sober living.

As well as social support, we identify the need for physical and nutritional support as well. White Flint Recovery, Inc. promotes physical fitness and athletic diversion to fill the void created by alcohol and drug use. Furthermore, we endorse a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and proper diet.

Conclusively, the combination of our clinical support, the clients total devotion to change, and the incorporation of a new social and physical lifestyle is the recipe for a successful recovery. Our staff at White Flint Recovery, Inc. is enthusiastic to share our experience as well as our ideas about making a full recovery to the best self our clients can be.

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