Did You Know?

• Every thirty minutes, someone dies by a drinking and driving crash.
• In 2008, 3,574 DWI/DUI arrests were made by the MCPD.
• In 2009, 4,101 DWI/DUI arrests were made by the MCPD.
• A DWI charge could result in up to or exceeding $10,000 in fines and fees.
• Washington Sober Ride Program provides free transport for would be drunk drivers during holidays.
• Maryland Law holds homeowners responsible, aware or unaware, for underage drinking on the premises. This could result in lawsuits for: personal injury, alcohol poisoning, vandalism, etc.


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White Flint Recovery is here to help alleviate and prevent the pressures of a DWI/DUI through awareness and support. Our reputation is dependent upon the good people of Montgomery and the surrounding counties who have passed through our doors over the last 20 years seeking help for substance disorders.

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White Flint Recovery is committed to awareness and outreach to the community providing education of the detriment that alcohol can cause to individuals as well as their loved ones.